About Eccentric Theater Company

Eccentric Theater Company (ETC.) is a collection of artists dedicated to pushing the boundaries of a standard theater company. We believe that the lines between different facets of art are currently too rigid, and we aspire to create a space where an audience member can experience a play, a jazz club, an art gallery, and sometimes all three at the same time!

Started by a mother and daughter duo, ETC. combines the fast-paced nature of professional artistic work with the warm environment of community theater to produce skillful art created with love. We want you to feel at home every time you come and join us, whether you are coming to a rehearsal, attending a performance, or simply emailing us ideas for a future project.

ETC. aims to bridge the gap between New York City and New Jersey artists. We plan to use spaces throughout New York City and northern New Jersey that best fit the feel of each piece of art we create. We hope you will follow us on the journey of discovering new forums of art while uncovering new spaces.

ETC. not only stands for Eccentric Theater Company, but also for etcetera. There are no limits to what etcetera can stand for, and there are no limits to the types of art we hope to produce. If you can create it, we want to showcase it.


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