As voting rights are being gutted and a women's right to choose is on its most unsteady footing in a generation, ETC. presents this evening of shockingly relevant Women's Suffrage Era satires. In the Pro-Suffrage How the Vote Was Won, working class Horace's world is turned upside-down when a household of lady-relatives arrive, demanding to be “supported”. Only when he is confronted with the idea of a future without women in the workforce does this anti-suffrage stalwart realizes the error of his ways. The Spirit of Seventy-Six; or, The Coming Woman, was written as anti-suffrage propaganda in the years after the Civil War, as the women's suffrage movement was gaining speed. It tells the “horrifying” prophecy of a future of female dominance, played for delicious irony. These plays are two hilarious examples of how theater can be used as effective tools to fight against encroaching civil rights violations.

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About Our Cast & Crew

Chelsea Anderson-Long 3.jpg

Chelsea Anderson-Long


CMcClellan Headshot 2018.jpeg

Courtney M. McClellan

Winnifred, Maudie Spark, Judge Wigfall.

Headshot (4).jpg

Clint Zugel

Horace Cole and Mr. Wigfall.

Juan Cardenas - Headsot 2018 [High Res].

Juan Cardenas

Gerald Williams, Madame Christine, Thomas Carberry.

Alysa Rambo

Agatha Cole and Wolverine Griffin.


Hannah Karpenko

Ethel Cole and Mrs. Badger.

Veronica Shea

Lily, Molly, Victorine Wigfall.

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